Friday, 1 March 2013

La Paz - witches market

Nuzzled in a few blocks away from Bolivias famous San Pedro prison is the Witches Market. Here you can buy an assortment of lotions and potions to cure a wide range of illnesses, as well as a few to help those who are unlucky in love. Some other interesting trinkets and items which are typically bought and used throughout Bolivian homes are the clay statues shown in the below picture. Each one represents a mythical creature which is believed to bring good luck depending on it use. For instance the owl is a symbol of knowledge and the condor is a symbol of good travel. However the most interesting of all the item in the market would have to be the preserved baby llamas. As weird as these may look next to boxes of tea, these have a very strong meaning in the Bolivian culture. When a family moves into a new home, they purchase one of these llamas and bury it under the entrance way, this is meant to give good luck for the entire house. So if you are ever in need of some lucky charms or just passing thorough La Paz definately drop into the Witches Market even if its only for a sticky beak.
- Ryan -

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