Monday, 4 March 2013

50 days down

Today marks day number 50 of our great adventure around the world, so I thought it might be a good time to recap on some of our crazy adventures so far and let everyone know how we are feeling at this point in time.
Firstly the recap, over the last 50 days we have visited 2 continents, 3 countries, countless amounts of cities and small towns, bumbled our way through 3 language barriers, travelled more than 100 hours by bus, seen a really big Jesus statue, road the death train, camped in the cloud forest, befriended a spider monkey, got hit by a water bomb, learnt how to make caipirinhas, failed a Spanish language test, eaten piranha, llama and hamster, potentially saw a homicide, learnt that I never want to work in the Potosi mines*, been to the highest city in the world, survived the death road*, seen a Japanese guy get naked at the salt flats*, watch some crazy latino wrestling, bought a new hat and seen the world highest lake.
So after experiencing so much in just a short amount of time how are we feeling you might ask? To be honest...great...tied but great. Most people think that traveling is a relaxing holiday where you sit back and drink cervezas whilst watching the sun set. Well so far there hasn't been much time for that, that's not to say we haven't been drinking any cervezas, but honestly traveling is draining. With the long bus rides, constant thinking in 2 different languages and high altitudes you do get weary very quickly. However would we give it all up...hell no!!! There is still just to much more to see and do. As for getting home sick yes of course we are missing our family but I suppose since we don't actually have a home any more we aren't "home sick". Although I have found myself reminiscing about making Martinis in Perth whilst Louise cooks a delicious meal with Tijuana Brass on vinyl playing the back ground.
What lies ahead for for this traveling couple, next is Peru with its ancient Inca ruins and then on to the Galapagos for some more wildlife watching. So stay tuned for some more exciting posts and videos and feel free to give us some advise or requests via the comments section of the blog.
- Ryan -
* post still to come about this.

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