Friday, 29 March 2013

Ceviche - a national Peruvian dish

After completing the inca trail I had singled out a restaurant I would like to try. In English it was known as Tony's dock and supposedly served the best ceviche in Cusco. Now ceviche is one of my favorite seafood dishes but in a country like Peru, particularly Andean Peru, sanitation is a big consideration when eating raw seafood. Given that this place was situated in the wealthy suburbs of Cusco we thought it should be safe and set out on the long walk (the day after completing the trail). The walk should have been 2 - 3 hrs return but since we got incredibly lost it was a little more like 5 hrs.
Well, the walk was worth it, packed with locals we took the waiters recommendations and ordered our entree, which turned out to be ceviche muscles - amazing quality and freshness (all seafood is flown in from Lima each day). We then took a stab at the Spanish menu (we had forgotten the phrase book) and ordered a combo of fried fish and yuca chips with a mixed seafood ceviche. While sitting there we noticed large platters for two going out to various tables and decided a return visit was required despite the walk. Two days later we made the walk, without getting lost this time, and ordered a platter (phrase book in hand) for less then $20 we had a massive platter of seafood paella, mixed ceviche, crab & potato cake, curried ceviche and fried fish. This restaurant has definitely been one of our favorites on the trip so far, worth the detour if you are ever in Cusco, just don't try and walk if you are tried from walking the inca trail.

- Louise -

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