Monday, 11 November 2013

Searching for the Slave army

After researching places in Morocco one beach town stood out as an interesting place to visit - Essasouria. Known for its windsurfing, surfing, camel riding and Jimi Hendricks castle in the sand, it is also quite famous for the scene in Game of Thrones where Dany buys the slave army in Astapor. Essasouria turned out to be much more then we expected with a white washed walled city, fresh fish stalls overlooking the water and a wide sandy beach with beautiful sun sets.
As we had decided to stay in Essasouria for six days, and spending a few days enjoying the shopping, mum and I decided to book in for a well reviewed cooking lesson to test out our tagine skills. We first made mixed seafood briwaittes, followed by a pidgeon pastilla and a sardine ball tagine, all ingredients fresh from the market that morning.
After our six days relaxing by the ocean and learning how to play bridge, we were ready for our desert sarfari.

- Louise -

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