Monday, 4 November 2013

Feeling blue....

What can I say about the small town of Chefchoune? It's well... BLUE!... Light blue, dark blue, sky blue, baby blue, indigo, sapphire and every other type of blue you can think of. So as you can imagine this was another great place to get the camera out and spend some time taking photos. Before coming here all the reviews stated that Chefchoune was a photographers paradise whether your using an SLR, point and shoot or the much dreaded iPad, well I'll let you all be the judge...
Being a little off the main touristy route it is also a great place to just wander around the typical Moroccan medina, soaking in the culture without the crazy hassle of the touts. In fact we found it so relaxing that our initial six night stay soon turned into eleven, which in turn made it near impossible to leave as we were having such a great time. I would really like to go on and tell you all about the amazing activities we did and all the wonderful experiences we had but unfortunately we didn't have any. During our almost two week stay in what some like to call 'the pettiest town in Morocco' most of our days were spent lazing around, reading, eating some great Moroccan food and writing posts for all you out there to enjoy. Now I know that all this may seem a little boring compared to the previous nine month, but everyone needs a holiday right?
- Ryan -

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