Sunday, 8 December 2013


Having only been to South Africa previously we were not sure what to expect when we touched down in Lusaka - the capital of Zambia. First up we had to wait in the HUGE line that move at a snail's pace to pass immigration, something we soon learn was standard at most Africa immigration points. Nevertheless, once through we headed straight to our backpackers and booked our bus ticket to Livingston to join our tour with Acacia overland. After a short but lengthy bus ride, due to the conditions of the road we arrived in Livingston and kicked off our tour. The first full day of the tour was in Livingston where we headed out to see Victoria falls and enjoy some of the activities offered. After walking through the park lands, catching a baboon having a refreshment and admiring the impressive falls (despite dry season) we headed over to the bridge joining Zambia and Zimbabwe for some extreme sport.

Ryan had long been anticipating the bungy jump over the falls, which I fail to understand after seeing this clip - - However despite the potential outcome we both signed up to jump. As we headed over to the jump point the clouds rolled over and made the drop over the river even more intimidating. Due to the impending rain they were eager to hurry us through, gearing Ryan up and jumping with a 'small' scream / yell. After one other between us it was my turn as the clouds started to spit and therefore increasing their rush to have us jump, I only managed to stand on the edge before a sharp shove pushed me off. The 'help' off the edge was surprisingly welcome as there was no time to be intimidated, however, hanging upside down while they hauled you up was not particularly pleasent in the pouring rain.
Next up on our itinerary was the Kafue river, where we jumped on a river cruise to a little campsite on the river bed. That evening we were treated to a traditional drumming and dancing by some local boys before settling into our camp under a beautiful starry sky. The next morning we were back on the boat to visit a local community, where we were taken on a tour through their village by the chief. We were interested to see the development in the village building, the water bore and the agriculture experiments the local university were performing with the help of the village.
On our way towards Malawi we stopped in again at Lusaka for the night and stayed at a great campsite called Eureka, where we patiently had to wait for the 'lawn mowing' to be completed - for the zebras to finish eating the grass. As the zebras were reasonably use to having the company of humans Ryan enjoyed the opportunity to snap a few close ups, with me gentler warning him as the zebras got too close enough to him, in case they camped down on his toes thinking it was grass.
Slowly getting used to travelling in our truck, Tati, and our new home for 36 days - tent 608, we loved the beginning of our tour in Zambia.
- Louise -

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