Tuesday, 10 September 2013

Budapest with a Bang!

Most of the time we try to do more of the cultural and historical sights when visiting new cities, however every now and then you just need to try something a little bit different, and going to a shooting range is exactly that!!! When this came up in my researching of 'things to do in Budapest' I instantly found the web page and started looking at my choices. Much like perusing the menu of a fine restaurant, choosing what I wanted to cradle took some time. The a la carte was of course very extensive with its pistol starters, rifling mains and semi auto desserts, however the set menus were also rather appetizing. In the end I decided upon the Greatest Hits package, which included a Ruger Mk III, James Bond's Walther PPK, Tony Soprano's Browning HP, a GLOCK 17, a Colt 1911A1, a Ceska Zbrojovka Grand, the snub nosed Taurus 85, a Taurus 86 .357 magnum, Dirty Harry's Smith and Wesson 629, the always popular Uzi and AK47 and finally a Remington 870 shot gun. And as if they weren't all enough I also decided to tack on an additional 3 rounds with the SVD Dragunov sniper rifle, because hey you're only in Budapest once right?
Tucked away just north of the city, in the industrial area, the shooting range is set underground in a sort of bunker. Whilst the area is only small, they still managed to squeeze in 6 other gun enthusiasts, all excited to fire their favourite weapons. Starting with the smaller pistols and working up to the bigger canons we each wreaked our havok on the paper targets at the end of the range. Whilst my aiming could do with a little improvement, I did manage to hit the target every time and even got a few bulls eyes. The only negative aspect of the whole experience was that it was all over in a flash. However once the instructors emptied out all the chamber and packed away the ammunition we had free range of all the guns to do our favorite movie poses.
- Ryan -

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