Sunday, 20 January 2013

Jo-Burg history tour

So for our last day in Jo-burg we decided to hit the town and experience some of its more cultural aspects, and what better a way to soak in some of Africa's most historical moments than a brewery tour. The SAB World of Beer tour was not only enlightening and entertaining but very delicious. For the low low student price of 45 rand each (less than $6 aud) we were treated to a 1.5 hr journey through the history of beer. Starting almost 6000 years ago with the Iranians and Egyptians, though to a tasting of the primitive African brew Umqombothi still made today, a walk down turn of the century South Africa with its gold rush era, racial issues and their influence on the drink we love so much and finally finishing with 2 schooners each of our choice of the local liquid gold. Also did I mention you get a souvenir glass. Best history lesson ever...

Some of the standouts from the taste test include:
  • Hansa - a lightly bittered and slightly fruity pils
  • Redd Ruby - slightly strawberry in flavor and colour yet pleasantly dry cider
  • Castle Milk Stout - with its smooth and cream texture and burnt caramel after taste would make for a great after meal treat

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