Sunday, 9 December 2012

Home...Well sort of...

So we've made it to Melbourne our new home...well it will be after our 8 months of summer travel...

So for all of you playing at home our final score card from Perth to Melbourne has been:

  • 3,950 km travelled, all in a small purple hatchback,
  • $442 on fuel, $225 on accomodation & $24 for 6 stubbies of Carlton draft,
  • 18 holes of golf, 16 of which were played in thongs,
  • 2 blocks of chocolate and 1 bag of lollies, mostly eaten by Louise...
  • 1 crazy hitch hiker and
  • 0 animals injured, despite the suicidal roo's
The overall drive has been an experience to say the least. I can now official say I have driven the Nullarbor & Great Ocean Road, been to South Australia (maybe not a huge claim to fame but I'm ticking it off my bucket list alright...), passed more road trains than I would of liked at speeds I shouldn't of been going and most importantly par'd 2 holes of the worlds longest golf course.

And what might you ask does someone do once they have finish a long 5 day session of driving across Australia... Well they get into the Festive Spirt by purchasing a 4 pack of Red Hill Christmas Ale and sharing it with their nephew... Merry Christmas to all!!!

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